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Fast-track your SEO career and go straight past the competition with our free guides on how to be an SEO Specialist.

This page will run you through the steps you need to become a full-fledged SEO Specialist.

Our graduates are given a certificate of completion and a badge that they can place on their LinkedIn profile.

step 1

Learn The Roles & Responsibilities of an SEO Specialist

seo specialist job description

You already might have an idea what an SEO Specialist does, but let's make it a bit more official - here's what SEO Specialists do:

link builder job description

You can also take a look at becoming a Link Builder, a more specialized role in SEO and a personal favorite of mine.

seo specialist salary in the philippines

SEO can also be a lucrative career, especially if you take foreign clients. Check out this salary guide for Filipino SEOs

step 2

Learn The Steps To Becoming An SEO Specialist

Did the job descriptions excite you? Great!

The next step is learning what steps to take to become an SEO Specialist in The Philippines. We have a helpful guide here: 

How To Become An SEO Specialist In The Philippines

This guide covers a lot of things like:

  • SEO Career Specializations
  • Work Arrangements (remote, office)
  • Work-Life Balance (are SEOs happy?)
  • A step-by-step guide on how to become an SEO Specialist

step 3

Take The Course To Get Your Certification

Now that you know how to become an SEO Specialist, it's time to take the course and become one.

Read up on our SEO certification guide or join the waitlist for our January 2021 launch. Waitlisted members will enjoy a big discount. 

This guide includes other well-known SEO training courses to give you more options, but of course we believe our own training program is best suited for Filipino freelancers. It's more affordable and more comprehensive.

step 4

Find Clients

Finding clients is also taught in our training program so rest assured that you're not left hanging with just SEO skills.

step 5

Take It To The Next Level

SEO is an ever-evolving industry and you have to always keep yourself up to date with new trends and algorithmic changes.

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