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Welcome to Square One: The Free SEO Starter Course!

Maybe you want to upskill. Or maybe you want to shift to a career that's a little more fulfilling. Either way, you're thinking about learning SEO. That’s why you’re here!

If you want to know a little more about SEO before committing to a full or premium course, then Square One, The Free SEO Starter Course is for you.

Ready to start?

Lesson overview

What The Hell Is SEO? The Basics Explained, Once and For All

SEO Specialist Roadmap: 8 Steps To Becoming An SEO Specialist

The Need For A Portfolio Page

Introduction To Writing Your Portfolio Page Copy

What is SEO? An In-Depth Introduction.

Introduction to Technical SEO

Website Hierarchy: How To Make Your Site Easy To Use & Navigate

Introduction to On-Page SEO

The Exact 9 Steps To Creating Content That Ranks

What Are Links & How Do They Work?

What's Your SEO Specialization? Take The Quiz To Find Out.

Yeshua Quijano

SEO instructor

Yesh is a Digital Marketing Consultant with almost a decade of experience in building digital businesses. If he's not working, he's probably binge-watching Brooklyn 99 cold opens or playing League of Legends.

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