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The Most Comprehensive SEO Training Course in the philippines For Filipino Freelancers

Drive more traffic and sales for your clients' businesses, start earning as an SEO freelancer, and learn SEO fundamentals and the latest Search Engine Optimization strategies at your own pace and at the comfort of your own home.

Learning SEO on your own can get confusing.
We're here to make it easier for you.

When I learned SEO, I didn't take any course or certification. Everything I needed to get started, I learned on my own.

And I made it to the other side just fine.

But, it took me many years doing trial-and-error to find strategies that work.

Without a competent mentor to guide me, my first 2-3 years in SEO were very...tumultuous.

For instance, I achieved success with my site shooting up in rankings within the first six months.

Only to have it tanking into the abyss afterward.

To make matters worse, I realized that the SEO techniques I applied in the past six months were now obsolete. 

Talk about major disappointment!

That's why I decided to spend the entirety of my free time in 2020 to create a comprehensive SEO training course for Filipinos who want to become freelancers.

I poured time, knowledge, and experiences into this course so aspiring SEO specialists like you won't have the unsavory experience I had.

Sure, you can watch YouTube videos or read one of the many authoritative blogs in SEO and start learning there. But with that approach, you still need to create your own curriculum.

You see, SEO is such a broad topic that more often than not, you’ll find yourself running like a headless chicken in between topics. I know I did when starting out.

So, if you're ready to skip the confusing part of starting and learn from proven strategies instead, let me introduce you to the best investment you could ever make for your freelancing career...

Zero To Hero seo Training Course

Zero To SEO Hero: The Complete SEO Training Course is the most comprehensive SEO training course in the Philippines for Filipino freelancers. This course is perfect for you if want to fast-track your career shift to SEO. 

What are the benefits of becoming an SEO Specialist in the Philippines?

From lucrative pay to time flexibility, being an SEO Specialist - and starting an SEO business in the Philippines has a lot of upsides.


Digital Marketing, in which SEO is under, is a $100-Billion industry that has a predicted growth of 21% in 2021 so there is plenty of money to go around.

Additionally, thanks to an increasingly digital world, business owners are quickly realizing that they need to be visible online too - this is where you come in!


Average monthly spend of small businesses on SEO*


SEO and digital marketing in general is a very lucrative industry with big margins. Why? Think about it this way:

If you can help a business earn $10,000 more per month, do you think they would be willing to pay you $2,000/month? That's a good cost-benefit ratio right? If you play your cards right and position yourself properly, you can actually achieve monthly income of $2,000 per client...or maybe even more.

It's *that* lucrative.

small business seo spending per year


If you follow along our SEO & Digital Marketing course, you can stop thinking about hourly rates - start earning without time trackers and finally work on your own time!

happiness of digital media workers


Not only are we able to price our services lower than our US and UK-based counterparts, but we're great at English and good culture fits too!

These things usually convince foreign business owners to switch Search Engine Optimization providers...as long as we deliver the same or better service of course.

top 50 digital nations where Philippines is 5th

Who should invest in the SEO Training Philippines Course?

I don't recommend this course for everyone, because this is designed for a certain demographic - freelancers, SEO-newbies, and career-shifters.

perfect for freelancers


If you're a freelancer looking to expand their skills and services, this course is for you.

perfect for career shifters


Want to get out of the corporate rat-race? In a job you hate? This course will kick-start your new career.


This course is designed with beginners in mind, so if you're a newbie with no SEO background, this is for you.

why should you invest in this training course?

Reason #1: A course for SEOs, made by SEOs.

Not a virtual assistance course. Not a freelancing course.

This is an SEO course made for SEOs and aspiring SEO Specialists, made by SEOs.

There are a lot of virtual assistance courses out there that offer training on a wide variety of skills like social media and general VA training, but they don't offer in-depth SEO training. At most, you'll be given 10 videos, a couple of live sessions, and that's it.

Our training course is different. Our goal is to make you the best Search Engine Optimization Specialist possible in the shortest amount of time so SEO, WordPress, and a little bit of Social Media is all we will teach.

Reason #2: Fast-track your SEO career

The whole philosophy of this SEO course is to equip you with just the right amount of skills and knowledge so you can start your Digital Marketing and SEO career as soon as possible. Simply put, I don't want to give you information overload which, unfortunately, a lot of SEO courses for freelancers do.

In our training, each lesson is made to equip you with just the right amount of information that you can easily apply on your first client.

Will this training course turn you into an SEO wizard No. Search Engine Optimization is a vast topic and I simply can't teach you everything. Will this equip you with everything you need to run a successful SEO campaign for your client. Absolutely yes.

Reason #3: Get access to a proven SEO system.

Everything you'll learn on this course are concepts and systems that I use every day for my clients. You will be given access to documents, spreadsheets, and templates that will make each SEO campaign a blazing success.

Reason #4: Made with beginners and career-shifters in mind.

The global spending in the digital marketing industry is around $100 billion - and by 2021, this is expected to grow by 21%.

Interested in getting a slice in this multi-billion pie?

Our training is made for beginners and career-shifters in mind. We made it so that you can easily digest and apply what you learned right away.

Here's What Our Students Say About Our SEO Courses

A brilliant course, which helps understand basic SEO. I got quite fascinated by all the tasks and methods! This course assisted me a lot in my occupation as well.

Ken Luzung

ken luzung

Course Student

Courses are so detailed and easy to follow, you can ask them questions if you are confused. I am currently on night shift but I am sooo excited to finish the course!

Mary Jenn Urdaneta

Mary jenn urdaneta

SEO Specialist (Former Customer Support)

Sir alam mo sobrang effective ng proposal letter nyo po. Ginagamit ko din po siya sa Upwork. Nakakuha po agad ng contract, walang interview! Thank you Sir!!!

LinkedIn Badge

laiza marie

Webinar Attendee

I enjoyed the whole course. It was at my own pace. Yesh and his team really made it easy for people like me who have zero idea about SEO to understand it clearly. 

Also, the modules are yours to keep so every time you need a refresher just revisit the course. which I think is a huge plus moving forward

Miguel Luis Narra

miguel luis narra

Course student

The training experience is something that I never had before. Although it's a recorded training module, it's really easy to understand. The narrator's voice is very engaging and they use words that an average person can comprehend.

I passed the assessment in 1 take only. I never imagined that I, with no idea or experience what SEO is, will make the assessment in 1 take. I highly recommend this training for other aspiring SEO Specialists.

Yesh and the team are very accommodating and will guide you through the whole process. I am so excited to land on my first SEO job!

jaypee artajo

Jaypee Artajo

SEO Specialist (Former Customer Support)

My experience taking the beginner course is AMAZING. It helped me fuel my dream to become an SEO Specialist. The modules were all user-friendly for a beginner like me and the support is phenomenal.

Bryan Yosuico

bryan yosuico

Course student

Course Outlines

The SEO Training Philippines courses contain in-depth, easy-to-digest, pre-recorded videos that tackle the following topics:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • WordPress
  • Digital Marketing
  • Finding and winning clients
course outline bg

The Basic Comprehensive SEO training course is made of 26 in-depth but easy-to-understand lessons, divided into 5 modules.

On the other hand, the Advanced course is made of 48 lessons, divided in 7 modules.

# of Modules
# of Lessons







Both courses cover everything from a basic WordPress website development, to basic introduction to SEO, to technical SEO and on-page optimization.

The SEO Training Philippines' course is designed for absolute beginners - you can take this course even if you don't have SEO or WordPress background. Check out the modules below:

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 6

  • 7

  • 8

  • ?


how to write a portfolio page even without coding knowledge

build a portfolio page that really builds your credibility and easily turns prospects into customers. You don't need to be good in English to get this right!

  • The Need For A Portfolio Page
  • Filling Out The Portfolio Page Details Form
  • Introduction To Writing Your Portfolio Page Copy
  • Writing Your Banner Copy
  • How To Write A Convincing Experience Summary & Work Experience
  • How To Write A Compelling "About You" Section
  • How To Write A "Why Choose Me" Section for Your Portfolio Page
  • How To Acquire and Showcase Solid Testimonials

Wait, there's more!

Aside from the jam-packed course, you'll also enjoy these perks to help you master SEO in a breeze.

Lifetime access to all video tutorials

Need a refresher on a certain topic? No worries. You get lifetime access to your enrolled courses so you can get back to them anytime, anywhere.

Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

Get access to exclusive webinars, AMAs, and other cool perks by joining our exclusive, members-only Facebook group of SEOs and internet entrepreneurs.

Downloadable SEO Templates, Worksheets and SOPs

Get exclusive access to the templates, spreadsheets, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) I use to run successful outreach campaigns.

1 Year Access to our Cloud Hosting (worth $470)

We also provide you with hosting so you don't have to worry about additional expenses. Limited to one year registration of hosting on our cloud hosting server.

2x 30-Minute 1-on-1 Consultation (complete course only)

Get a total of 1 hour of my undivided attention. Let's talk about anything and everything SEO - from optimizing your campaigns to building an SEO brand from scratch. 

Certificate of Completion

Students who successfully pass the Final Assessment will get a Certificate of Completion. Students with a CoC can claim they are able to successfully run an SEO campaign from start to finish.

1 Year Access to Premium WordPress Theme (worth $59)

You get access to Digital, a premium theme (worth $59) from MyThemeShop.com. It's lightweight, fast, and will help you sell your services. 

student's-only games and giveaways

We run regular games and giveaways in the Mastermind group. Enjoy this awesome perk when you become an SEO student!

Zero To SEO Hero: The Complete SEO Training Course will fast-track your SEO career.

We offer 2 courses that will equip aspiring SEO specialists with adequate knowledge and skills to be competitive in the field. Graduate from being a freelancer and start becoming an competent SEO entrepreneur.


This is the SEO course that will take you from zero to SEO hero. The course contains answers to basic questions like "What is SEO?", to more complicated ones like "How can I run a complete link building campaign?"  Earn a Certificate of Completion once you've finished the course.



  • 5 Modules
  • 28 in-depth tutorials on WordPress and SEO.
  • Lifetime Access to the course
  • Access to Member's-Only Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Access to Portfolio Page Builder
  • SEO Templates & Worksheets
  • Certificate of Completion 


Basic SEO Course + 19 additional advanced SEO lessons and  



  • 8 Modules 
  • 56 in-depth tutorials on WordPress, SEO, Finding & Winning Clients, and Scaling SEO Operations
  • Lifetime Access to the course
  • Access to Member's-Only Facebook Group 
  • (2x) 30-minute 1-on-1 private coaching call
  • Lifetime Access to Portfolio Page Builder
  • SEO Templates & Worksheets
  • Certificate of Completion

Fully Protected by Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

7 days money back guaranteed

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing course, you can get a full refund anytime within 7 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out or give you a swift refund.

meet your mentors

Yesh and Roann are Philippine-based digital marketing professionals with several years of Search Engine Optimization, content creation, and digital business development experience under their belts.

We're here to help, so don't hesitate to reach out!

yesh quijano

yesh q.

Co-owner & Founder

roann tubig

roann t.

co-Owner, Content Creator & Editor

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructors

Heidie Fernandez

Heidie Fernandez

Excellent expertise in SEO.

Yeshua is great to work with and has excellent expertise in SEO. He possesses superb analytical and problem-solving abilities as well as highly technical SEO knowledge. He is very professional too - Yeshua is a take-charge person who is able to present you different creative solutions to problems. Yesh is certainly, someone, you should depend on.

arnold san miguel

Arnold San Miguel

Business Dev, Outsource Accelerator

Great partner for our guest posting needs.

Yesh has been a great partner for our guest posting needs, very thorough in the keywords we targeted and in the industries we reached out. Will definitely recommend for anyone needing reliable and regular guest posting activities.

Hamish Elley-Brown

Hamish-Elley Brown

Growth Hacker, HamishElleyBrown.com

Best in the Philippines SEO game.

I have worked with Yesh for a number of years and can confidently say he is one of the best in the Philippines SEO game. Buy his course, if you want to learn from the best.

Rachel Jaro

Rachel Jaro

Founder, Koodi Systems & Peraflo

Gets the tone and voice that I want...

I love working with Roann. She submits on time and delivers quality work. She gets the tone and voice that I wanted for the writing jobs, which is very important for me. She's also always willing to explore new subjects and medium.

LinkedIn Badge

Justine Malik

Founder, Because of Baby

Competent, responsive, a good communicator.

Roann has written a few articles for my business and website. I found her to be competent, responsive, a good communicator plus she has a very good grasp of researching and writing articles. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!

Clarisse Lualhati

Clarisse Lualhati

Graphic Designer & Content Writer

Her work speaks for itself.

If you're looking for a professional writer to help increase traffic to your website, Roann is the one you're looking for! Her excellent work does speak for itself and I would highly recommend her without any hesitation.

time to upskill. enroll now.

time to upskill, enroll now

time to upskill. enroll now.

Every fulfilling career starts with a single step.

And every successful freelancer starts with taking action. So get your mind and goals ready and join the most comprehensive and affordable SEO training course for Filipino freelancers!

See you in the course, future SEO Rockstar!

- Yesh and Reine

roann tubig